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Nibbling Sketches – English summary

Nibbling Sketches (Sketches - Variations of Nibbling) is a project full of weird sketches, jokes and awkward movies. The project is led by a couple of silly avant-garde comedians PC&MS. The project is originally located in Prague, but except the puns and jokes based on Czech language, the humor is universal. The original abbreviation of Nibbling Sketches in the Czech language is “SVN” and means Sketches in Something... As there are a lot of references to the SVN abbreviation, it is worth to know. Nibbling Sketches should be included in the special type of humor called humot. The word humot is shifted humor and as you are able to witness, it expresses a lot. While watching Nibbling Sketches, please keep in mind that life is funny.

Please check our Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/skecevnecem
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